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Why is it worth to study philosophy?

The time of study is a great time in life, “when a lot is still falling and everything is allowed.” This “golden rule” is of particular importance when studying philosophy. We use it in discussions during classes, taking up various, also seemingly trivial and difficult topics, and the level and openness of such philosophical disputes makes classical university classes a pretext for getting to know one’s own humanity, its depth and limitations, making friends, acquiring the skills of argumentation and to convince and be sure that sometimes not having a firm answer is the most “human” attitude to some problems.

In anonymous surveys, in which our students evaluate completed classes, we hear the opinion that the employees of the Institute of Philosophy are competent and friendly, and that you can count on our help not only in scientific matters. Such an assessment is an enormous impulse for in-depth work on ourselves and proves that the people with whom we researched and solved “the most human problems” understand and appreciate the importance of “soft” competences and in interpersonal contacts they will not be satisfied with just dry expert knowledge. . In this way, they confirm that they have achieved one of the most important goals of the studies conducted by the Institute of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, distinguished in 2013 by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education with the prestigious category A.

Toruń with its unique old town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is considered one of the most beautiful Polish cities. Due to our University, it can be considered a city of youth, and the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences – the seat of the Institute of Philosophy – is located at Fosa Staromiejska 1a – in the heart of the Old Town, where you can spend your free time in numerous clubs, pubs, cafes. People with artistic aspirations can develop their passions in student theaters and cabarets or in a professionally run academic choir, where the pursuit of musical interests can be perfectly combined with the passion for exploring the world during foreign competitions, concerts and festivals.

Every year, in September, we organize a free integration trip for “semester zero” students to a beautifully situated UMK holiday center at Lake Bachotek in the Brodnica Lake District. During your studies, you will be able to participate in the work of research clubs, in student conferences and numerous events, during which your scientific work is accompanied by a nice and friendly atmosphere.

We prepared the study program at the Institute of Philosophy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University on the assumption that during lectures and other classes, we should help our students find answers to their bothering questions and, together with them, develop competences, always sought and valued by employers – openness, the ability to correctly formulate problems, find non-stereotypical solutions, multi-faceted analysis of complex issues, presenting your own opinions. The experience gained while working with several generations of students confirms that knowledge and skills in the field of philosophy and proposed specialties pay off in their further professional careers and help in making right personal choices.

In working with students, we make sure that they learn at least two foreign languages ​​beyond the classic requirements of certificates. Lecturers and translatories for students are run by experienced employees of the Institute, including professors of world renown in researching English and German culture. Students of language courses who acquire a basic knowledge of a chosen language then learn the art of translation, a skill different from ordinary language competences and very useful in their future professional work. The names of many of them now appear on the title pages of translations of the works of the classics of philosophy: Kant, James, Kierkegaard, Jaspers and Berkeley, and of the works of eminent contemporary thinkers such as Richard Rorty, Stanley Fish, Bruno Latour and Rosi Braidotti.

We have also made sure that our students benefit from scholarship trips to renowned foreign universities. By using the Erasmus program, you can deepen your knowledge and language competences by studying at a selected university under the supervision of excellent professors, who are often long-standing friends of researchers at the Institute of Philosophy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Such scholarship stays make it possible to gain various experiences and establish international contacts, very useful when looking for a job, both at home and abroad.

Developing our offer and assuming that philosophy can be a proven ally of related disciplines, we have actively joined the organization of other fields of study: Cognitive Sciences and Media Studies, and we actively support the initiative Interdepartmental Humanities and Social Studies Studies.

We strongly encourage the graduates of the Institute of Philosophy to continue their studies at the doctoral school, whose students prepare their doctoral dissertation, and at the same time gain competences in scientific work. Own research during doctoral studies allows you to develop many new and deepen the already acquired skills. PhD students receive a scholarship. They can apply for grants for their research from many sources (university, ministerial and EU grant system) and also participate in international exchange under renowned scholarships.