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Department of Practical Philosophy

The Department of Practical Philosophy cultivates philosophical and ethical reflection as well as scientific work focused on problems related to the active role of man in the world and responding to what is happening in the world: the state of culture, social phenomena, civilization changes, technology development, climate change, and others. As part of the Department’s activities, both classic and ancient concepts of a good life are developed. They determine the right place for a person in a changing world and determine the optimal and happy attitude towards the environment and theories and styles of thinking that respond to people’s latest problems or specific social groups. In the latter case, a philosophical reflection is developed that considers the impact of the broadly understood environment (e.g., the state of culture) on a person, as well as situational ethics that takes into account the changing circumstances of operation. As a part of this Department’s work, a philosophy responding to threats in the surrounding reality is also developed. Its employees assume that philosophy’s ability to challenge common beliefs skeptically and habitually adopt patterns of thinking can help society avoid moral losses, cognitive errors, and civilization threats. The Department’s name refers to Aristotle’s division of sciences, distinguishing practical sciences as devoted to human activity, which should lead him to achieve happiness.